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"The best way to make a fun game is to have fun making the game"
Guarabyra Torro
CEO and Lead Game Designer


Click the link below to delve deeper into the Everpledge story. Discover our mission, explore our journey, meet the team behind the scenes, and understand the core principles that drive us. Find out who our valued partners are, and become a part of our growing family.

"My passion is seeing people have fun. If they do this with my games, the dream becomes much bigger than I could have expected."
Daniel Ivo
COO and Playtest Coordinator


Click on the link to embark on an adventure within of our games. Explore our top titles, including REF! The Game of References – a dynamic party game with persuasive mechanics where mastering references and persuasion leads to victory. Stay tuned for our next release, Revive The Dungeon, set in a captivating medieval fantasy world where you will take on the role of a true hero, even if it doesn’t seem like it, defying all odds.

“My dream is to transcend the usual gaming experience to take it to levels never seen before and have fun doing it.”
Evan Parreira
CMO and Director of Production


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"We invite you all to join our family and experience a new way of experiencing fun"


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