Everpledge is a studio dedicated to the development and publishing of tabletop and offline games, including board games, RPGs, and card games. Our team consists of Brazilians who are professionals with decades of experience as enthusiasts, consumers, and game developers. We firmly believe in the transformative power of games to entertain, foster connections, and make a positive impact on the world. Our commitment is to establish a long-lasting, genuine, and supportive relationship with an engaged and passionate community.


First, learn more about the Everpledge founding team. Guarabyra Torro, Daniel Ivo e Evan Parreira.

Guarabyra, the founder of EVERPLEDGE, is a seasoned professional with a deep passion for offline games. His journey began at the age of 12 when he became a salesperson and instructor for offline games. Although his career initially led him to study Law and Psychology, he eventually returned to his true passion: game development. For approximately 5 years, he has exclusively immersed himself in this field, contributing to the success of numerous third-party games on Kickstarter. He is widely recognized by his peers as an outstanding leader, game designer, and writer. Due to his unparalleled leadership and mastery in creating captivating and thrilling gaming experiences, he is internally referred to within the company as the ‘Game Master,’ a clear reference to the RPG game master figure. Guarabyra’s fervor lies in RPGs (especially DnD), Card Games (like Magic: the Gathering and Pokémon TCG), and Dungeon Crawlers.

Daniel Ivo, the co-founder and COO of EVERPLEDGE, is affectionately known as “The Operational Maestro” within the company for his exceptional role in orchestrating internal operations, ensuring that the company functions seamlessly like a finely-tuned 99% orchestra. With over 25 years of professional expertise in customer service, he places customer satisfaction as his utmost priority. Daniel embarked on his professional journey in the gaming industry approximately four years ago, despite being a devoted gamer and enthusiast for over three decades. During this period, his focus has been on board game playtesting and the development of materials related to RPGs. Additionally, Daniel is an education specialist, drawing upon his academic background to provide unique insights that will be applied to both game development and the upcoming training and capacity-building courses for Game Designers that EVERPLEDGE will soon introduce.

Evandro Parreira, EVERPLEDGE’s co-founder, holds the roles of CMO and Production Director. He’s a crowdfunding expert with over 5 years of experience, playing a pivotal role in successful Kickstarter campaigns for board games. With a decade-plus background in advertising, branding, and as a Product Owner in multinational companies, he brings substantial knowledge to the team. Evandro’s creativity shines in Everpledge’s projects, and he’s known as the “Creative Force.” His ultimate goal is crafting extraordinary playful experiences, inspired by a love for games like Twilight Imperium, Oath, and The 7th Continent. Passionate about fun, he’s also a dedicated fan of party games.


It all started with a game: REF! A tremendously fun persuasion party game, where understanding the references and managing to convince everyone leads the player to victory. This game was developed by our trio of founders long before the company existed, when everything was just a hobby.

Well, an opportunity arose. The trio was invited to present REF! at the biggest board games event in Latin America, DOFF (Offline Fun). However, to present the game, they needed to create a company. As everything was still just a hobby that the trio of founders took as fun and games, the name of the company they created to participate in the event reflected exactly that. Thus, JOCANDI GAMES was born, a name that perfectly captured the spirit of the time.

The event was a success and REF! it won over the public, having been played by more than 300 people in just 2 days. Guarabyra, Daniel and Evandro received affection and attention from the public, influencers, other companies and, mainly, fellow Game Designers. The latter not only loved the game, but also showed great interest in understanding how the trio managed to turn their own dreams into reality.

This question from his colleagues caught the attention of the founders. The trio, as they already had extensive experience in working professionally with the world of games, knew exactly what difficulties a Game Designer faced in entering the job market, developing games, producing games and winning over the public. Furthermore, they saw that part of the community did not feel respected by some market players, did not feel like they were participating in the processes, did not identify with the producers and developers and wanted different, innovative, unique games.

Guarabyra, Daniel and Evandro knew that many Game Designers they knew had incredible games that should be known by the international public and because they had vast professional experience from other companies, inside and outside the niche, they knew that making the dreams of Game Designers and the community come true was possible.

This was the founders’ dream, to make dreams come true and they were willing to take risks to make this possible for everyone. They were committed to this and dedicated to putting skin in the game to make it a reality. Amazing games being developed and played by people around the world.

So they decided to take the Jocandi idea, initially conceived as a joke, to a whole new level. The new company had to incorporate the principles and aspirations of the founders: it had to be serious, based on transparency, innovation, creativity, respect, inclusion and excellence. It needed to be professional, but at the same time engaging and captivating, capable of turning dreams into reality, providing joy and connecting people around the world, transcending mere gaming experiences to educate and nurture, helping to create unforgettable memories and lasting relationships. Thus, Jocandi evolved into Everpledge, a name created to reflect these desires and objectives, a name derived from two pillars: longevity and commitment, translated by the words Ever and Pledge.

The Everpledge era is just beginning and we would like you to join us on this journey to turn dreams into reality and bring fun to everyone. Join us by signing up at the link below and be part of the Everpledge family.


The goals of Everpledge and its entire team are:

Whether it’s assisting designers in bringing their games to life or delivering amazing games to the public, Everpledge is dedicated to helping everyone achieve their dreams and objectives.

Everpledge doesn’t aim to be known for producing “more of the same” or for excelling in any one particular type of game. Our true goal is to set the standard for fun, transcending gaming experiences by creating games of all types and for all tastes. We aim to deliver a box filled with everlasting fun.

We seek to form a genuine family with the community, comprised of active participants. We will listen, teach, and learn from all of you, instead of working isolated from the community.

The company’s chosen principles, just like its objectives, play a crucial role in shaping Everpledge’s culture and identity. Let’s analyze the selection of each principle:

Professionalism is crucial in the business world and is a core value of Everpledge. This implies that the company strives to maintain high ethical standards, offer exceptional customer service, and work efficiently and effectively. His principle demonstrates Everpledge’s commitment to treating its business, partners, and customers with responsibility and professionalism. It reflects the company’s dedication to keeping its promises and ensuring the quality of its products and services.

The pursuit of excellence means that Everpledge strives to exceed expectations in all areas of its operations. This involves creating high-quality games, continuous improvement, and the commitment to provide the best possible experience for players and partners.

Innovation is critical in an ever-evolving industry like gaming. Everpledge is committed to creating innovative games that stand out in the market by introducing new mechanics, concepts, and approaches to player enjoyment.

Creativity is the soul of games, and Everpledge values this principle. This involves seeking new ideas, engaging narratives, and captivating designs that deliver unique and exciting experiences.

Respect is fundamental in building strong relationships with the gaming community, partners, and team members. Everpledge is committed to treating everyone with dignity, consideration, and mutual respect.

Everpledge believes in the importance of inclusion, making its games accessible and welcoming to a wide range of players. This involves promoting diversity and creating inclusive environments where everyone feels welcome.

Fun is at the heart of games, and Everpledge places fun as one of its core principles. The company is dedicated to creating games that provide joy, entertainment, and memorable moments for players.

Passion is the fuel that drives Everpledge to continue innovating and creating exceptional games. The company is passionate about its work and seeks to share that passion with its gaming community.

Connection refers to the idea of building strong and meaningful relationships with players, partners, and colleagues. Everpledge values creating a united and engaged community that shares the same passion for games.

Together, these principles form the foundation of Everpledge’s culture and guide its actions and decisions. They demonstrate a firm commitment to quality, innovation, fun, and respect in all aspects of its operations, helping the company achieve its goals and create an engaged and satisfied gaming community.

our partners

Here’s a series of partnes who have been working with us and who are part of our history in helping create memorable moments for our community.

Dungeon Geek 21, founded by Marco Antonio “Boi” Loureiro and Domy Perretti, two wonderful people dear to us. They are made up of a passionate group of individuals dedicated to promoting RPG and Geek culture. Their mission aligns perfectly with our vision: to enrich the gaming community and create a space where gamers and Game Masters can come together to share their love of tabletop roleplaying games.

Dungeon Geek 21’s commitment goes beyond gaming; they aspire to bridge the gap between experienced players and those who are new to the world of RPGs. Their goal is to provide opportunities for everyone to experience the joy of RPGs, promoting inclusion and a warm, welcoming environment for everyone.

One of the many ways Dungeon Geek 21 achieves this is through its monthly meetings. These meetings take place both in person in São Paulo and online through the Discord server. Whether you’re an experienced Game Master or a beginner looking to embark on your first adventure, Dungeon Geek 21 offers a space where you can interact with like-minded people, free from judgment or prejudice, and where gaming becomes an easy experience. fun and wonderful.

Dungeon Geek 21’s dedication to enriching the RPG community and promoting unity reflects our commitment at Everpledge. We believe that by working together we can bring even more excitement and innovation to the world of RPG games. Together with Dungeon Geek 21, we hope to create memorable experiences for all enthusiasts and strengthen ties within the gaming community.

Join us in celebrating this wonderful partnership with Dungeon Geek 21, and together, let’s make the world of gaming even more vibrant and inviting!

The OPSP – São Paulo Playtest Workshop (Oficina do Playtest São Paulo), is an open, free, collective, and collaborative group dedicated to promoting the culture of modern board games. Since the beginning of our journey, the OPSP has been by our side, providing an incredible space for us to test and improve our games.

We understand that not everyone can attend OPSP events in person in São Paulo, Brazil. But don’t worry, the OPSP is just one of the workshops throughout Brazil. There are other OPs spread across different states, each offering a unique experience for game designers and enthusiasts. Additionally, the OPON – Online Playtest Workshop offers the opportunity to participate in playtests and discussions through Discord, regardless of your location.

The OPSP and its partner workshops have not only helped us develop our games but have also created a warm and welcoming community for all those interested in game design. Their meetings, events, and initiatives have become a fundamental pillar in our quest for excellence in the world of board games.

This partnership with the OPSP is more than just collaboration; it is a celebration of a shared journey, a demonstration of how passion and commitment can bring people and communities together from all over the world.

We extend our gratitude to the OPSP and all the OPs for their ongoing partnership and support of Everpledge Games. Together, we will continue to create memorable experiences and enrich the culture of modern board games.

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