Everpledge: The Name that Promises Enduring Gaming Experiences


Choosing a name for a company is one of the most crucial decisions entrepreneurs face. This name will become the company’s identity and carry with it the values, vision, and mission the company represents. In the case of Everpledge, the story behind the name is as intriguing as the name itself. Get ready to dive into the journey of creating the name Everpledge, a unique fusion of meanings that encapsulate our promise to provide lasting and engaging experiences in the world of board games.

EVER – Persistence and Durability

The first part of the name, “EVER,” is much more than just a syllable. It carries with it the notion of persistence, longevity, and reliability. For us, “EVER” signifies a commitment to being present over time, regardless of changes. This isn’t just a fleeting relationship; it’s a lasting connection. We deeply believe that board games carve a special place in our lives, crafting memories and bonds that endure. With “EVER,” we express our promise to provide lasting joy and continuous fun. Our games aren’t just passing moments; they’re investments in happiness that endure.

PLEDGE – Dual Commitment

The second part of the name, “PLEDGE,” embodies the meaning of commitment, and for us, that commitment is twofold. We hope not only for our community to commit by supporting our crowdfunding projects but also to actively participate in every step of this exciting journey to create incredible games. We’ve established a commitment to listen attentively, be transparent in our processes, and respect the desires you share with us. We’re constantly striving for excellence in our games, customer service, and relationships. It’s a promise we carry with dedication.

Uniting “EVER” and “PLEDGE”

Now, the exciting moment of uniting these two words and forming the name “Everpledge.” This fusion results in a name that encompasses our values, mission, and vision. Our journey transcends creating exceptional games; it’s about building an engaged and committed community. We’re more than mere game creators; we’re partners on a magical journey. We want you, board game enthusiasts, to be more than spectators – become active participants in realizing dreams materialized as board games. Each of you is essential, contributing to the enjoyment of many worldwide.

Join the Everpledge Family

We invite all of you to join our family and help create a space where innovation, transparency, creativity, and excellence converge to craft enjoyable, enduring, and captivating games. Together, we’ll explore new horizons and ensure the perpetuity of fun.


The choice of the name “Everpledge” for our company was not a casual decision. It was a deliberate fusion of meanings that represent our promise to provide enduring and engaging gaming experiences. “EVER” reflects our determination to persist and create lasting memories, while “PLEDGE” symbolizes our commitment to both our players and our community. By uniting these words, we’ve formed a name that captures our mission to engage players in a unique and fun journey. Join the Everpledge family as we continue to create exceptional games and build lasting connections in the world of board games. The fun is just beginning!

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