REF! the game of references

The first game created by the Everpledge team, when we were still known as Jocandi Games, is REF! This game offers a new and engaging experience filled with competition, laughter, creativity, and references.

REF! is an exciting party game in which players must connect a series of characteristics (found on their cards) with announced references throughout the game, while convincing other players that they are correct.

Utilize your creativity, memory, and argumentative skills to have a blast with your friends and family, demonstrating your knowledge of various references. These references can be anything — a famous personality, an iconic character, a boss, friend, family member, or even an abstract idea or object.

REF! is a versatile game that can be played in several different ways, all of which can be found in its online manual, constantly updated by the EVERPLEDGE team.

Game Highlights:

  • Portable and compact, you can take it anywhere to enjoy some fun without any hassle.
  • Face new challenges and experience a different game with each match, as REF! offers an extremely high level of replayability.
  • Enhance your creativity, argumentative skills, and ability to make associations while having a great time.
  • Relive memories and reminisce about the past when surprised by the references provided by other players.
  • Discover the tastes and preferences of your friends and family by exploring their references.
  • Enjoy a game that evolves over time and offers multiple ways to play.
  • Share laughter and create special moments with your loved ones.


Revive the Dungeon is an exciting board game set in a classic medieval fantasy scenario. Unlike many other games, players don’t take on the roles of legendary heroes but instead play as ordinary inhabitants of a town near a famous dungeon created by a wizard. This dungeon used to be teeming with monsters, traps, and incredible treasures, and the town’s economy thrived thanks to ‘heroic tourism.’ The town’s residents loved living with this thrilling perspective.

However, everything changed when the wizard, tired of seeing his monsters defeated and his dungeon looted, decided to abandon it. With no more dangers to face and treasures to plunder, heroes lost interest in the dungeon, leading to the town’s economic decline.

During these times of crisis, many inhabitants were forced to leave the town, but a determined group came together and received a bold idea from a mysterious stranger. They decided to periodically enter the dungeon and use their knowledge, along with the artifacts left behind by the wizard, to resurrect monsters, reactivate traps, and rekindle the dungeon’s former glory. Their goal is to make the entire kingdom believe that the wizard has returned.

In Revive the Dungeon, you aren’t a hero or a villain, but rather an ordinary townsperson with an extraordinary mission. Your task is to enter the dungeon, resurrect monsters, and create traps and magical items, all while heroes venture into the dungeon. You must be cautious because you can’t be seen by the heroes; otherwise, the ruse will be discovered by everyone.

Revive the Dungeon offers a unique experience filled with strategy, tactics, creativity, laughter, and plenty of action. Get ready to relive the town’s glory, face thrilling challenges, and share special moments with friends and family.

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