beyond games

Discover what Everpledge does beyond games.

We are 100% dedicated to developing our first game as Everpledge, but soon we will be offering a range of services for game designers, companies, and players. Moreover, we believe in the power of charity and aspire to make a positive impact on the world in areas such as education, healthcare, and quality of life. Join us in making a difference in the world.


Have you ever thought about becoming a board game game designer? Are you already a Game Designer and don't know exactly what to do with your game? Do you already have a game and want to know how to balance it, develop it thematically or make it sellable? Or are you a gamer who wants to know more about game design and its processes?Everpledge will develop a series of courses aimed at Game Designers to improve themselves as developers or professionals. We will have news soon.


Do you intend to gamify any process within your company? Are you looking for advice or know-how in areas such as: games, marketing, crowdfunding, personal and team development? Do you want to provide training to salespeople working in the niche? Are you looking to make your company's daily routine more enjoyable and productive while motivating your team and improving interpersonal relationships? Everpledge will soon launch a series of services that will help your company do what was previously not believed possible.


At Everpledge we believe in the power of charity. We may not be able to solve all the world’s problems, but we believe we can be part of the solution. We intend to help charities as much as possible, no matter what area they operate in (health, education, inclusion, etc.). Let us help make this dream come true by joining the Everpledge family and let’s fight for a better world together.

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